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You can belong at The Church of the Epiphany simply by showing up, worshiping, and participating in the life of the parish and we encourage you to do that! Membership in the parish is open to all who worship with us regularly and pray, work, and give through the parish for the spread of the Kingdom of God.

There are several ways that you can become a member of The Church of the Epiphany: It all depends on where you’ve come from.

If you are a member of another Episcopal church (baptized or confirmed in that church), your membership can be transferred to The Church of the Epiphany by contacting the church office or by completing and returning this form to the office.

Note: In the Episcopal Church, one is completely initiated and fully a member of the Body of Christ when baptized. If you haven’t yet been confirmed, we hope you’ll take this step as well. It’s important to make your own mature declaration of faith in Christ and be commissioned for your ministry in the world. Confirmation represents a reaffirmation of Baptismal vows and is signified by the laying on of hands by the Bishop. The only practical downside to not being confirmed is that one is not eligible to be a Vestry member or Convention delegate.

If you’re a baptized Christian who hasn’t been part of an Episcopal congregation before, then you can become a member of The Church of the Epiphany simply by letting us know that you want to be. All we need is information about when and where you were baptized. Please contact the church office.

Once a member, the next step to full membership in the Episcopal Church is to prepare for Confirmation or Reception at the time of the Bishop’s next visit to The Church of the Epiphany. If that is your intention, please contact the Rector. Periodically, we have preparation classes for Confirmation or Reception.

If you have never been baptized into the Christian faith, then baptism is the place to begin. Baptism is the sacrament  whereby we accept God’s loving invitation to renounce sin and evil, and turn instead to Jesus Christ as our Lord. In baptism, we become full members of Christ’s Body in the world, the Church. Please speak to the Rector about baptismal preparation.